..of catching & keeping

vega theBlueBiRd the bluebird prep

I shall sing a song of sixpence…”…four & twenty Blackbirds baked in a pie”….”the Golden Bird”, “the Foundling Bird”, “the Fitcher’s Bird”, “the Canary Prince”, “the Nightingale & the Rose”.  Majikal symbolism of birds in faerie tales goes on & on. So it has become apparent to me that in an attempt to connect with the Divine we project that longing onto this feathered creature of flight.

True, the proverbial quest for the “BlueBiRd” is fraught with spiritual soul searching & many of these tales from childhood have the conspicuous happy ending,  BUT…I believe that in some selfish & maniacal way we also want to seize or “own” that treasure. The irony of the situation, however is that once contained… the majik is gone. In myth & majik, a dead bird is typical of disillusionment, of the loss of innocence and/or of transformation from the naive to the wiser…So here, capturing the BlueBiRd is a symbolic movement into the harsher realities of life.


My own fascination & enchantment with this winged thing is unmistakable in my two latest pieces… “cAt’sCradLe”  &  “theBlueBiRd”. “CAt’sCradLe” kept me in memory of the string game I played as a child,and the tangled mess that inevitably would follow the first well placed threadings!  But the process of composing  “theBlueBiRd”  held a devious charm for me. I carved a window-box frame &  painted it to look like stonework from another era. I wanted to convey the timelessness of this sick obsession &  that a contagious fetish  possessed not only the captor himself, but his little pet as well! Here are a few pix of the prep work!



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