murder your darlings

Murder Your DarlingsMore & more I am reminded to have faith in my process, that I should never be afraid to”ruin” the work.  Often, during this creative process we fall in love with what we make, sometimes before the best ever emerges.  Therefore, it is imperative to know how to constructively “murder your darlings” to allow for it’s greatest potential. This is very different than self-sabotage,  as it is done with full faith & trust in the process that we are making room for the divine intervention…that something greater than we ever imagined will inevitably emerge.


When you murder your darlings

you are aware of the callings

to uproot those seeds that you’ve sown.

To be reluctantly willing

to continue the tilling

for the treasure that’s yet to be known.

stefanievega – dollwerx artist

posted in dollspeak | Tue, 22 May 2012 09:50