for a blowup view


felina la fei

26”h x 7”w    SOLD


Vinyl doll parts with stuffed & jointed arms…. foxfur, mohair & fox feet.

Seated on her wooden chair with stuffed toy.


Booklet reads:


“Quiet now, this heavy heart,

Quiet now & calm

I will hold your world of pain & cry the mortal song.

An open heart is a heavy heart,

there in lies the pain…

But I will hold the weight of all

and sing that song again.

I will be weeping…

while the world’s sleeping…

all in safe keeping now,

so let it all go.”


And all I ask in return is that you care for me. I have chosen to leave my pack…but sometimes other animals want to claim me in theirs. It is my choice to be yours alone. This is my prayer.