Portrait of the artist StefanieVega and King Krow

“It is my intention to jar the collective memory we have of imagery & symbolism through a crossbreeding of the unexpected.  I hope to give new voice to an age-old doll tradition that insists on singing its own song.”

About the Artist

Stefanie Vega is a fine artist and poet whose work with dolls and mixed media encourages the viewer to connect with the shadow self. Building on timeless wisdom found in fairy tales, folklore and magick, Vega’s one of a kind creations are healing totems.

Through her inspired transformation of diverse materials such as dolls and doll parts; taxidermy and bone; vintage textiles and ephemera; and paint, clay and wood; Vega’s striking assemblages are compelling and utterly unique.

Vega lives in an enchanting house in Southern California with her husband Glen and her dog LuWee.

Her work has shown at many prestigious galleries including Copro Gallery, La Luz de Jesus and Arch Enemy Arts.

Recent Gallery Shows

LA Art Show; with Copro Gallery; Los Angeles, California
Tales Most Disturbing; Copro Gallery; Santa Monica, California
My Inner Monster Group Show; Dark Art Emporium; Long Beach, California
H.R. Giger Tribute Group Art Show; Copro Gallery; Santa Monica, California
LA Art Show; with Copro Gallery; Los Angeles, California
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mixed media assemblage?

Because I incorporate so many mediums into my doll sculptures, I don’t feel that the term “art doll” does them justice. Instead, I often refer to my work as mixed media assemblage.

My mixed media assemblage techniques come from over a decade of experimentation with miscellaneous media. This exploration consists of the incorporation of everything from traditional media used to customize dolls such as paint, hair and textile to more unusual media such as bone, taxidermy, insects and nails.

Only through patient trial and error have I learned how to harness diverse media to create my desired effects.



How do I buy a Stefanie Vega original artwork?

Many of the pieces I create debut at art gallery showings. To purchase those pieces you need to contact the gallery directly.

If you follow my Instagram feed @dollwerx, you can see announcements I make about new pieces in upcoming shows.

I do have a select number of pieces available directly through me. You can find those artworks in the Shop portion of this site.

If you are interested in buying work directly from me please email me at vega@stefanievega.com for more information.

Additionally, I occasionally create custom commissions for my collectors. For more information about commissions, see the following questions.



I absolutely love a piece that I saw in The Departed Gallery which has already sold. Will you remake it for me?

I never make an exact copy of my previous works.

However, if one of my sold pieces truly speaks to you I would be happy to have a conversation with you about what aspects of the piece specifically move you. Then I could create a similar, personalized work that captures the essence of the other piece.



Do you take custom commissions?

Depending on my commitments to art galleries showing my work, I do take a select number of commissions each year. Often my commissions start with a client’s heirloom doll that they want to transform into something more personal, while still honoring the spirit of the dolly.

If you are interested in working with me on a custom commission, the first step would be for us to have a conversation about what you have in mind and what my process looks like. For more information about custom commissions, please email me at vega@stefanievega.com.

Previous Custom Commissions

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