The hounds of winter follow

You sense them in your bone

The howling prayer

On icy air

Is fate you face alone.


The hounds of winter stalk

Your bones their sacred prize

Their fatal bite

in coldest light

Will lead to your demise.


The hounds of winter cast a spell

Their chant, a haunting rhyme…

of faerie flight on Christmas night

beyond this mortal time.

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a ghost story

Our work is truly a labor of love through loss.

Our greatest teacher, terrifying loss, is in itself, great power…

the tremendous opportunity to remake ourselves and challenge our own boundaries.

memorial for the lost


“If great loss is perceived

as a gift..

then believe

gracious healing that waits

will begin…

the old wounds confess tales

of great courage and betrayals,

proving scars are more telling

than skin.”




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Dark Art Society Podcast with Chet Zar




Take a listen to this interview podcast with Chet Zar and the Dark Art Society.

We talk about the healing power of Dark Art, the Doll as a totem, the energy of found objects and the tremendous obligation of the Artist.


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dollwerx interview in Dark Beauty Magazine


Listen to the doll talk about what inspires the dollwerx she creates in this online feature interview in DarkBeauty Magazine



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pink baby? Blue baby? do you know a New baby?






Available now, limited selection in BLUE,  PINK, PURPLE or RED


Handpainted vinyl dolly head and hands are dressed for the holiday season and ready for hanging!


a VegA dollwerx Christmas exclusive!

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