The Inner Critic

Mixed Media Taxidermy Artdoll Assemblage


29″H x 16″W x 16″D 

"Beware the song
this Siren sings,
enchanting as it seems....

She lifts you up
with words of praise,
but leaves you on your knees."

The inner critic is a concept used in popular psychology to refer to a superpersonality that judges and demeans a person. 

Usually experienced as the voice that supports the feelings of inadequacy, worthlessness and guilt;  jealous and resentful of others successes, she cleverly undermines self confidence. 

As Critic, ENVY is a child-eating demon…beautiful & clever, sabotaging the very thing that has the potential to amend.

This is why I keep her restrained.  Being caged, she loses her destructive power and is transformed from demon to a resourceful arbiter.

Porcelain, leather, bone & rooster feet in barbed wire cage