Felina la Fei

Mixed Media Artdoll


26”H x 7”W   

And all I ask in return is that you care for me. I have chosen to leave my pack…but sometimes other animals want to claim me in theirs. It is my choice to be yours alone. This is my prayer.

Felina la Fei is made of vinyl doll parts with stuffed & jointed arms…. Additional materials include foxfur, mohair & fox feet.

She is seated on her wooden chair holding her handcrafted stuffed toy.

The accompanying booklet reads:

“Quiet now, this heavy heart,
Quiet now & calm
I will hold your world of pain & cry the mortal song.
An open heart is a heavy heart,
there in lies the pain...
But I will hold the weight of all
and sing that song again.
I will be weeping...
while the world’s sleeping...
all in safe keeping now,
so let it all go.”