Lola Loba

Mixed Media Artdoll


28”H x 10”W

I have chosen to leave my pack… but sometimes other animals want to claim me in theirs. It is my choice to be yours alone. This is my prayer.

Lola Loba serves as a call for us to reclaim our wild nature.

She has a hand-painted porcelain face, vinyl hands, a stuffed cloth body with jointed arms & dried & stuffed coyote legs…

Seated on a painted wooden rocking chair, she wears a tea-dyed cotton dress and holds her treasured “bone dog” toy.

The accompanying booklet reads:

“Embrace your wild nature as Lola reminds, 
And sing songs from the depth of your soul. 
Reclaim what is lost, regardless of cost… 
And call back this wild friendship of old.”