Skeleton Woman

Mixed Media Assemblage

30″H X 9″W X 6″D

"This mortal drum beats time with tide as flesh adheres to bone,
and ocean tears from lovers eye beg deeper love to own."

Skeleton Woman is inspired by the work of Jungian Psychoanalyst Clarissa Pinkola-Estes, author of Women Who Run with Wolves. 

The tale of the Skeleton Woman chronicles the traumatic tale in which the protagonist is left for dead under the sea until she is snared by a fisherman, whose first reaction of fear turns to kindness.

By giving her his heart, the promise of a deeper love allows both to heal and ultimately reach their highest potential.

Because the fisherman helped free her from her tangled and misunderstood state, and saw her as a teacher and a lover, she became his powerful ally and partner.