The Gold Bug

Mixed Media Assemblage Artdoll


34″H x 10″W x 12″D

This piece is Based on Edgar Allen Poe’s story The Gold Bug.

The classic American Gothic horror story is a tale of lunacy & obsession.

Bitten by the gold bug, our hero is obsessed with finding an elusive treasure.

The accompanying booklet reads:

"A gold bug bite sets one off
to lunacy and madness;
Consumes one thoughts
leaving nothing more
than lonliness & sadness.

Confusing schemes
played in the mind
are obsessions that persist.
This treasure lost we'll never find,
as it does not exist."

This doll was originally part of the Thornbirz series.

Based on a mythical creature, the Thornbird lives its life in fierce pursuit of a thorntree. It leaves its nest & does not rest until it has fulfilled its quest.

Silent its entire life until the final hour when it finds the perfect thorn then impales itself. The very first song it sings comes flowing from its heart before dying among the thorns.