The Saddest Tale

Mixed Media Music Box

17″H x 9″W x 15″D

Two gothic sister dolls with taxidermy bird feet are bound with rope back to back to a carved wood door. They stand on a rotating platform behind a book filled with prose describing their sad plight:

"The wind whispered true, of a secret she knew
of two sisters fate doomed from the start...

Though their differences few, this all changed as they grew
yet no lessons were learned to impart.
And although they did try, what they found by and by
was resentments could tear them apart...

You see, each one reflected traits the other rejected
and in time this would harden their heart.
Since no pact was respected, envy infected
the potential they had from the start...

And they died as expected, forlorn and neglected...
each alone, of a broken heart."

The Music Box plays “In Praise of Death”