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Welcome To The New Dollspeak Page

By August 4, 2011August 13th, 2021dollspeak

WELCOME to the new DOLLSPEAK page where the little dollies speak easy & spill their tales.

Take a look at the ‘behind the scenes’ majik (see, nothing up my sleeve!)… and be the first to get sneak peeks at the new stories in the works… all coming soon!!

How fun to have a page where you can hear the tales right from their pale little lips!

grandma's doll antique porcelain babydoll

This doll speaks of the inspiration that was born of myth & the faerie tales I read as a child… like distant relatives you hear about from another time.

In these tales I would share the human condition; my joys, trials, disappointment & losses.

The connection was acted out in play & always deeper than the explainable.

This porcelain doll I found in my mother’s things after her death spoke to me of wanting to tell this bigger story. I played with her as a child, as did my mother, & her mother before her. Upon her we laid our hopes & fears …upon her we projected our greatest selves.

Grandma's Doll antique porcelain babydoll

It is to her I dedicate this voice. This is dollSpeak.