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Creative fires are stoked, ideas come to fruition & a new brood is born.

gothic art doll with black curls and leather


There is a comfort in having a studio filled with new dollies;  I suppose the evidence of a true prolific artist.

But let’s speak about when it is time to put them out in the world. Will they be loved the way I love them?

Every parent knows the challenge of allowing each of their children their own walk in the world, so it is with these little ones. Hoping & trusting that someone will connect with the intention that brought them into being & the weight they hold. They are the caretakers of burden.

True, at first glance, this group is an odd bunch & perhaps ones that only a mother could love.

But it is my prayer that they find their audience & transcend the lines that define them.

To those with the courage to look at things that are not always pleasant, I trust they will reveal something deeper than the obvious & be the shadow  in that place where they usually walk alone.