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On the heels of our trip to the New Orleans Dollshow & all the events happening at the gallery, such talent abounds & I am humbled & inspired.

This does not mean, however, that all self doubt & self criticism gets left behind me.

You’d think with all the work I’ve done over the years I could keep this monster at bay.

This inner critic is a concept used in popular psychology to refer to a sub-personality that judges and demeans a person.

It has been my personal experience that this inner voice has become more cunning and quite clever over the years. Gone are the blatant attacks that listed my inadequacies and worthlessness.  As I developed skills, so did she.

Early in my days of self discovery I remember a dialoging exercise with the critic. What I discovered was the archetypical dysfunctional parent. I realized it was this voice that was my first protector as the misguided ally attempting to help or protect me, but in a distorted, dysfunctional way. This made it possible to connect with the critic and transform it into a helpful ally.

But… just because I know this doesn’t make it go away! 

It just becomes more ingenious in its mission.

She is still ever present & has the ability to undermine my  confidence with self doubt. Hence, i have decided to pull down my bloomers, so to speak, & let her out.

the Llamia gothic art doll in a cage

So I honor her with a creation I call The Lamia. A mythical creature who devours children. The children being my own inspiration and self worth.

I have decided to treat her as a voice to be heard( indeed she has something to say) to be befriended, and therefore transformed.

But still, The Lamia is a child-eating demon, beautiful but devious.  So i’ve chosen to keep her in a cage.

Beware the Song the Siren Sings

a poem by Stefanie Vega

Beware the song the siren sings,
Enchanting as it seems...
It gives you wings with words of praise,
But leaves you on your knees.