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a photo of sister art dolls by Stefanie Vega in sepia tone

The Ratio of Pain

a poem by Stefanie Vega

In a crisis of the human soul
Where torment lives and takes its toll...
The poets can articulate this pain.

They'll pontificate a diatribe
And so eloquently they'll describe
The exclusive torment
They reluctantly disdain.

The misery they celebrate
Gives them cause to illustrate
The private torture they so willingly sustain.

But all the while another soul
Will feel the torment take its toll
But share no genius talent to explain.

All he knows is that he's alone
With nagging sorrow in his bone
Enduring, but refusing to complain.

Consumed by heartache and distress
And the inability to express
The simplest of words to ease his pain.

It's now that the poets' words can heal
What he expresses, others feel
And his exclusive rights to torment,
Purely vain.
The ability to express what's real
Is a gift to share, so others heal
And so the ego must renounce the claim.

The feelings that some reveal,
That others feel
But conceal...
In deepest truth... 
The pain is all the same.