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February is the lovers’ month. The month dedicated to love; to the Valentine.

Lovers profess their undying devotion to each other with poems, cards, gifts & song. 

But what of love that is lost? What of the broken heart?

Love, the enchantress who grants us those feelings of immortality, is also the cruel mistress who revels in our fall from that great height.

Is this not also a month to remember that in its grace, the same love that may lift us high on velvet wings; in its absence, casts a greater shadow than before, leaving us defeated in darkness, enduring the mortal weight on our tiny bones?

vega dollwerx "the sentimental damned"

So, this month I am dedicating this page to The Sentimental Damned (above). 

We are revisting the charming & pathetic “Lord Lou Bird”, alone in his poetic prison. Waiting to grow a thicker skin over his tender heart, the gothic doll reveals journal entries from the cell of this softhearted romantic.

"...alone, i hold the weight of loss & cry the mournful song...
an open heart is a heavy heart, & therein lies the pain, but i will hold the weight of all & sing that song again. 
I will be weeping while the world is sleeping...ahh, but for a sympathetic ear to follow my line, the comfort of a compassionate heart...but then again, all I would do is compare them to you, & i would be lost again. 
Perhaps, indeed deeper still than I was at the first of this tale. 
So I am content to hold it all,as i tell my story ghosts in the wind, but never to you...& herein lies my sin..."