Tales Most Disturbing

The Skeleton Woman

Book Diorama (table top or wall mounted)


Paper Mache Assemblage

Book:8.5″H x 6.5″W x 2″D; Stand: 10″H x 8″W

This diorama is part of the Tales Most Disturbing series.

This fairytale-inspired series is hand painted and constructed to resemble an old treasured tome.

Displayed on their own stand… each little diorama book tells a tale not so happily ever after.   

The Skeleton WomanThe tale of the Skeleton Woman, from Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinnkola Estés, chronicles the traumatic tale in which she is left for dead under the sea until she is snared by a fisherman, whose first reaction of fear turns to kindness. 

The hand-painted, original poem inside the book reads:

“The plan that fate did have for me
I could not ever know…

To face the harsh realities
And then be forced to grow.

This mortal drum beats time with tide
As flesh adheres to bone…

And ocean tears from lovers eye
Beg deeper love to own.”

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